How do I light Firebuilder? First, break in two and just use one side for a normal fire. Light the broken part and thin edges of the underside. Then set down and wait a few seconds for the flame to spread throughout the product. How long does it take to light? Typically, it takes around 30 seconds until you should put fuel on top of the Firebuilder. How many fires can I light with a standard Firebuilder 4-pack? A 4-pack will light 8 standard fires. For large fires, we recommend using two halves. Once Firebuilder is properly lit, can I put coal, wood or charcoal on top of it? Yes! You can pile on your fuel after around 30 seconds. You won't put it out. Firebuilder is designed with air draughting holes and channels that make it almost impossible to smother it. What is Firebuilder made from? It is moulded from 100% recycled cardboard and wax. As such it is sustainable. Is Firebuilder water proof? Yes. due to the wax content, Firebuilder is water proof. Is there any plastic in the packaging? No. Firebuilder is the only product on the market we are aware of that is 100% recycled and also uses cardboard for the packaging. We have gone to great lengths to try to ensure no plastics are used in the manufacturing and distribution of the product. Is Firebuilder considered dangerous goods? No. Firebuilder consists of 100% cardboard and wax. It is non-toxic and is a completely safe, non-hazardous good. Once it is lit, sure - it is dangerous. Please see safety instructions below. Do I really need no kindling? Absolutely. Firebuilder takes the place of traditional firelighters and kindling. Is there a use-by date? Does Firebuilder have an expiry? There is no use by date. There is no expiry as the product does not degrade in its manufactured state. SAFETY INSTRUCTONS: Burn only one Firebuilder firelighter at a time and only use an empty grate Do not chop into pieces (except to break in half for smaller fires) Avoid hand contact when lit To extinguish, quickly douse with sand or water or drape a water soaked towel over the Firebuilder firelighter A fireguard should always be used with an open fire