+10 Million units sold

 10 millions units of FireBuilder sold around the globe and  +1400 positives reviews from our Amazon customers


This is now a permanent fixture in my home! I was a tad sceptical when it said that no kindling was required, but it's true! So happy with these and the price is soooooo good! Will definitely be stocking up.

– Auntycaff - Amazon Customer

These fire lighters are one of the best I’ve used. Simply break in half light the corners and away you go. They burn for a good hour or so and generate enough heat to get and fire started. Will defiantly be buying these again.

– Paul - Amazon Customer

Great Product works very well, I order these regularly and have used them all winter, I would highly recommend the product, excellent value too.

– Martin Bancroft - Amazon Customer

Headed off for a short Forest break - took these for the log burner: lit really easily and did exactly what it said it would. Brilliant - thinking of sending some to my mum who has a log fire. Clean and easy.

– Sholt - Amazon Customer

what makes us different to other firelighters

A Fire-Building Revolution!

FireBuilder transforms cardboard trash into the most spectacular firelighters on the planet! Please don´t try this at home, but we repeatedly played with fire to design FireBuilder bricks so they would light logs in mere moments for any type of open fire, with no kindling, no dangerous chemicals, no billowing black smoke and no awful smell! Enjoy starting fires in your fire pit, indoor or outdoor fireplace, wood burning stove, chiminea, campground fire, barbecue grill and more!

A quick video always helps

How to light firebuilder

Changing the landscape of fire lighting